• 1. Set your profile picture
  • 2. Post your first picture
  • 3. Use the matches icon at the top to follow some people
  • 4. Increase your Likeability score by voting on matchups (Double click 1 in 4 pictures in each matchup on the 2nd tab)

Main Feed

View, Boost, Comment on, and Repost pictures from the people you follow.

Boost Matchups

Boost forward one in four pictures by double clicking on the picture. Do this on each matchup as you discover new pictures and people.


Take photos, or add ones from your camera roll. Use our custom filters to add special effects.

The Likeability Grid

Discover interesting people in the people grid, and interesting pictures in the items grid. Everything is ranked by score.

Your Likeability Profile

View your Likeability score, followers, following, and your pictures. You can also sort your pictures by highest score, or most recent.